John Carey Merrick
Charlotte Vogel as "Suzy" the Elephant Skinned Girl. Charlotte, who was from Austria, was unique in that her skin was thick and gray and not scaly like the other alligator-skinned performers.
Moses Jerome, the Elephant Boy taken from an old  news clipping - 1887
Esther Blackmon née Parnell and her brother Bill would sometimes appear together as the "Alligator Skin Twins" - Alice and Aloa. Bill was described as a nice guy but was given over to drink. He passed away in 1959. Esther was a member of the Greater Tampa Showmen's Association and was in the show business for 56 years. She was also featured briefly in two movies "The Mutations" (1973) and "The Sentinel" (1977). In the carnival world she was known as the Alligator Girl and the World's Strangest Mother. When she passed away in 2003 she left behind six children, 16 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren
Emmit Bejano and his  wife Percilla Lauther were once billed as Lobello, the Alligator Boy and Londo, the Monkey Girl when with Barnett Bros. Circus
Agnes Schmidt of Cincinatti was an attraction in the '30's and was seen at Ripley's Odditorium at the 1933 Century of Progress Expo
Billy Parnell as "Aloa"
"See the world's strangest married couple - Madame Zola, the bearded lady and her husband John Williams, the elephant-skinned man." - 1937
"Ralph" was born in 1888
Ralph Johnson as "Hai-Kai, the Human Fish" was said to be born on Balabac Island, Philippines in 1891
This pitchcard for "Toney" is based on
an Ed. J. Kelty photo taken in 1926.
For the full-size photo see "Step Right
This Way" (2002)  p.49
Benjamin Green
the Alligator Man