DID YOU KNOW:  The twins could not walk and could not even stand unaided
DID YOU KNOW:  For their US tour, the brothers were managed by Frank Uffner who also managed Lucia Zarate at one time
Billposter from their US tour
DID YOU KNOW:  Some claim the French press reported the brothers married and that their wives were sisters
DID YOU KNOW:  Some claim the brothers died in 1940 at age 63
The only other twins joined like the Tocci brothers and who were on exhibition were Rita-Christina Parodi, the "Sassari Twins"  born in Italy  and (mouse over) Rosa-Marie Drouin, the "Ste. Benoit Twins" born in Canada.
(May 1985) "A wax model of the conjoined twins is on display at the Spitzner Museum of Anatomy in Belgium.
"Tocci brothers, Johann and Jacob,
born October 4, 1877 in Locano (Italy)"