Not only is my website a compilation of information from various published sources but also has slowly become a source of new information in itself.
   I am proud to say that through my own humble efforts I have discovered new information never before available to the general public.  WE ARE:
(accept no substitutes!)
THE FIRST TO  discover the right names of  "Violetta"; "Rob Roy"; "Billy Wells"; "Habu";
                         "Tom Ton"; "Princess Ida"; "Pony Boy"; "Great Peter the Small"; "Gondio
                         & Apexia"; "Pigmy's from Abyssinnia"; "Serpentina"; "Patrick O'Brien";
                         "Little Adrien"';

THE FIRST TO  show strong proof that Julia Pastrana did not die in 1860

THE FIRST TO  question the gender of Annie Jones and Serpentina

THE FIRST TO   discover Lalloo's resting place and

THE FIRST TO   reveal Laloo's last name (kudos to Mark Schaefer)

THE FIRST TO   name Betty-Lue Williams suitor

THE FIRST TO   discover the other last name of Raddica-Doodica

THE FIRST TO   reveal the true national origins of the Lucasie Family

THE FIRST TO   reveal the true cause of death of Lucia Zarate

THE FIRST TO   publish in one place, photos of all the rings that giants sold

THE FIRST TO   discover photos of the Texas Shields brothers are not always of the same
                          four brothers

THE FIRST TO   discover the "false" Hugo giant

THE FIRST TO   discover Schlitzie's death certificate